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Ennev's LiveJournal

Life of a geek in Montreal

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10 September
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You know what? I found this silly. But since I add from time to time people in my friend list and that I don't always tell, you may end up here and wonder "who's the **** he his?"

I am in a relationship and not looking. Feel safe now? You should! I'm also an old idealist I guess, I still believe in morals where your freedom ends where the ones of others begin. I also hate pre conception and where people need to define others in definite role.

I think that this journal is only a fraction of myself. Don't believe that one can be summarized in a few words or posts. But sometime I need to share pictures and stuff so this is the place.

I have mainly a LJ account because I like to read them, I would not go as far as to say that I'm a voyeur but I like to see what is going on in others realities than mine. I also like photography and I must admit that I see really good work here.


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